Landlord Representation

Cone Commercial Real Estate realizes that leasing is the engine that drives the success of any commercial real estate development.  Your property is an asset that must be managed in a comprehensive and thought out manner.  New tenants must be procured aggressively pursued.  Renewals need to be cemented early and creativity should be employed in an effort to relocate growing tenants.  Having a team of leasing professionals that are accessible and dedicated is crucial to the occupancy and success of any building.

Asset Positioning

Cone Commercial Real Estate will analyze determine and analyze the current set of competing buildings within the submarket.  Vacancy, rental rates, and trends within the submarket are reviewed.  Economic comparables are presented from each building within the competitive set.

Marketing implementation

A marketing campaign is designed around the unique strengths and needs of each property. Efforts will center around direct contact with prospective tenants within the submarket.  A target list will be established and decision makers will be contacted through direct mail, phone-calls and in-person cold-calls.  The brokerage community will be solicited weekly through email and direct mail as well as via phone.  The property will be featured on our website, costar, loop-net and other active multiple listing services within the city.

Lease Negotiations

Agents will prepare comparable transactions that favor ownership of the property.  By preserving outgoing cash, escalating rents and retaining tenants we will strive to increase the underlying value of the development.

Coordination of services

Cone Commercial Real Estate will provide oversight of the construction process, coordinate space planning, offer vendor contacts of the highest quality, and improve the coordination of the many processes occurring simultaneously.  We feel that it is essential to make a new tenant’s experience as seamless as possible to ensure a positive long-term relationship with the building.

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"I give Cone Commercial nothing less than the highest recommendation. It is not often that I am as impressed by working with someone as I was with working with Cone Commercial. They were thorough, responsive, tenacious, and a pleasure to work with in every way. They kept the project moving, were always one step ahead of us and I always felt like they had our best interests in mind. We are beyond thrilled with our new space. I will recommend Cone to anyone that is even thinking about office space, and look forward to seeing the firm continue to grow."
Garrie Richardson, President
Barrett & Farahany, LLP