Tenant Representation

Cone Commercial Real Estate assists companies in making real estate decisions through strategy, research, experience and technology.  We haven’t done our job until your firm has improved its bottom line. Consider how much of your overhead is related to space requirements. 

By contracting Cone Commercial Real Estate to assist in their real estate requirement, many firms are able to reduce their real estate costs by as much as 25%.

Review of current situation and future needs

We conduct an extensive pre-search evaluation of your growth needs, square footage requirements, specific location, etc.  Recommendations will only be made after we have a thorough understanding of your business, forecasted growth/ reduction and future goals.

Survey market alternatives

We prepare a comprehensive survey of the various market alternatives that can physically accommodate your firm’s space requirement.  Clients are presented with detailed information on each building including floor-plans, amenities, referrals, and economic incentives.  Cone Commercial Real Estate will examine the quality and tenancy of a building and its management, the fiscal strength of the owner and any debt maturing.  Client’s needs relative to access, amenities, or cost are also analyzed.

Financial Analysis

A detailed economic analysis is performed on all viable alternatives, educating the client on net present cost, opportunity cost, and rent amortization during the term of a potential lease at each building selected.  Escalations, free rent, construction cost, taxes, utilities, and parking expenses are all taken into consideration.

Lease negotiations

Negotiation is our passion.  Our agents have completed over a thousand leases and have unparalleled knowledge of comparable transactions.  We keep a detailed record of concessions made by all landlords and insist on the best economics for our client’s lease.  We select two or three potential buildings and have them compete for our client’s tenancy.

Time is a clients greatest piece of leverage.  It takes over 90 days to negotiate and execute a lease; design, construct, and permit space; and coordinate a physical move.  By engaging Cone Commercial Real Estate in advance, we are able to leverage your position against a larger pool of landlords, hence achieving larger financial concessions.

Coordination of Services

Cone Commercial Real Estate goes above and beyond our competition after a lease is signed.  We provide oversight of the construction process, coordinated space planning, offer vendor contacts of the highest quality, and improve the synergy of the many processes occurring simultaneously during a move.

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"I give Cone Commercial nothing less than the highest recommendation. It is not often that I am as impressed by working with someone as I was with working with Cone Commercial. They were thorough, responsive, tenacious, and a pleasure to work with in every way. They kept the project moving, were always one step ahead of us and I always felt like they had our best interests in mind. We are beyond thrilled with our new space. I will recommend Cone to anyone that is even thinking about office space, and look forward to seeing the firm continue to grow."
Garrie Richardson, President
Barrett & Farahany, LLP