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Tenant Representation in Atlanta

Reduce Real Estate Overhead

Let Cone Commercial Real Estate find the perfect office, warehouse or retail space for your company in Atlanta with the best possible terms. Our tenant representatives have negotiated hundreds of real estate leases saving clients thousands even millions of dollars. We know if a landlord proposal is fair, overpriced or a steal. Our work’s not done until your firm has improved its bottom line.

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How We Help

A lease plays a major role in the profit or loss of a company because it’s a real cost paid out every month. Consider how much of your overhead is related to space requirements. Instead of searching for a property by yourself using Internet searches or chasing “For Lease” signs, our team of tenant brokers find and secure the ideal property saving you time, money and stress.

After all, it’s not every day that you sign a lease filled with complex jargon and legalese. So, why not engage the local experts in Atlanta commercial real estate to work on your side as your tenant representative?


Reduce Real Estate Costs

We’ve been able to lower real estate overhead, often up to 25%, by comparing net effective rent rates of multiple properties.


Improve the Bottom Line

Our expertise in the Atlanta market pinpoints spaces that could improve your business’ performance instead of hindering it.


See Everything

Office, industrial, warehouse and retail – we find properties meeting your needs & schedule tours of the short list.


Put an Expert on Your Side of the Table

We work for you – period. Our job is to get the best possible space at the best possible price negotiating with the landlord on your behalf.


Detailed Market Data Creates Savings

We track data on current leasing transactions, so we know what tenants actually pay and what landlords accept.


Finding Lease Incentives

We uncover tenant incentives such as rent-free periods, securing tenant improvement allowances and other landlord provisions.


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You Want Your Business to Thrive – So Do We

The economics of finding an affordable location in the competitive Atlanta market can be challenging. We understand that moving to a new location, even renewing an existing lease, is a complex, time-consuming task. But by understating your needs and working as your partner, we’ll help make smart real estate decisions to create positive business results.

“Cone Commercial was instrumental in helping us with our office space situation. Ryan Cone has great market knowledge and is very good at what he does.”

 – JEFF MILLER, CEO, Micron Optics, Inc.

Having Us Represent Your Interests Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Engaging Cone Commercial Real Estate as your tenant rep broker doesn’t make your lease more expensive. The landlord pays for our services. In other words, you reap all the benefits of having our highly skilled team in your corner during the entire process.

Get the perfect office, industrial or retail space for your business in Atlanta.

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Our Process of Selecting a Property

Our proven process ensures you secure the ideal property with ideal terms.

1. Discovery

a. Client Needs Assessment

b. Create a Timeline

2. Search

a. Market Analysis

b. Tour Properties

c. Request for Proposals

3. Analysis

a. Proposal Analysis

b. Financial Analysis

c. Competitive Analysis

4. Negotiation

a. Negotiation with Landlords

b. Letter of Intent

c. Lease Document Review

5. Closing

a. Sign Final Lease

b. Ongoing Assistance

“Cone Commercial found me the exact space I need for my operation and did not waste any time getting the job done. They just handled my expansion into New Jersey and did such a good job I will use them for all of our national needs.” 


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Our specialties include:

  • Site selection and relocation
  • Space expansion and lease renewals
  • Market data analysis
  • Property disposition (sublease or sale)
  • Conflict-free lease negotiations
  • Project and construction management


Cone Commercial Real Estate Memberships

Our membership in these organizations means we’re current on the latest developments to help clients make informed decisions.

Cone Commercial - Certified Commercial Investment Member

Certified Commercial Investment Member

Cone Commercial is an Atlanta Commecial Board of Realtors Member

Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors

Certified Commercial Investment Member

CoStar Commercial Member

Cone Commercial is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers

Information Data Certified Commercial Investment Member

Giving Back to the Community

Cone Commercial Real Estate believes that to make a real difference, you have to try and help all aspects of your community.

Cone Commercial supports:

Cone Commercial Supports Kates's Club Charity

Kate’s Club

Cone Commercial Supports the American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

Cone Commercial Supports Safehouse Outreach

Safehouse Outreach

FAQ’s About Tenant Representation

We’ve gathered a few of the most common questions about tenant representation.

Q. What is Tenant Representation & What Does a Tenant Rep Broker Offer?

A. Tenant representation means an agent (broker) has been engaged by a tenant to work exclusively on the tenant side of a commercial real estate transaction assisting them throughout the process including:

    • Site selection
    • Lease contracts
    • Negotiation
    • Occupancy
    • Project management

Q. How Much Does It Cost to Use the Services of a Tenant Rep Broker?

A. Given that a tenant representative could save you thousands and thousands of dollars over the term of a lease, you’d expect to pay a sizable fee for how much they help. However, tenant reps don’t charge a fee to tenants for their services. Commission is paid by the landlord or the landlord’s broker after the lease is finished.

Q. How Does a Tenant Rep Save Me Time?

A. A tenant rep takes the time to discover what your business needs are by listening and analyzing many factors such as location, access to transportation, finances, growth projection, etc. The properties recommended will be the type that meets your needs, saving you wasted time researching on your own and touring spaces that won’t work.

Q. How Does a Tenant Rep Save Me Money?

A. There are many ways a tenant representative saves you money. For starters, a tenant rep knows the properties in a market inside and out. They know which properties are available, and even more importantly, properties not on the market yet that meet your needs. They know what a fair rent price is in any given market or type of building, so you won’t be overpaying. They know what types of terms are standard in the market making sure you won’t be taken advantage of in lease negotiations.

Q. Can I Talk with Someone About My Lease?

A. Yes. A tenant representation specialist would be happy to discuss your current or future real estate needs.

Call us at (404) 841-9665 or send an email to schedule a consultation.

“We are beyond thrilled with our new space. I will recommend Cone to anyone that is even thinking about office space.” 


Hard Workers. Responsiveness. Honesty

These are just some of the words used to describe Cone Commercial Real Estate. We don’t want to work for you once. We want to work for you for years to come. Take the step to engage our services.


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