Property Acquisition

If you are an owner-occupant or investor, Cone Commercial Real Estate can assist you in the purchase of commercial real estate.  We have been involved with numerous acquisitions and can likely benefit your firm through our experience.

Initial client consultation

Cone Commercial Real Estate agents will consult with you on a variety of short and long term goals relative to owning real estate.  Topics for discussion will include location, specific space needs, budget, disposition timeline, forecasted growth, and desired returns.

Survey of Alternatives

We prepare a comprehensive review of the various market alternatives catered to your unique situation.  We identify specific properties and present the client with property information, history, amenities, demographics, traffic counts and address the ability of each site to meet your goals and requirements.

Financial Analysis and Comparison

Cone Commercial Real Estate agents will evaluate comparable sales to offer an analysis of current market value. Current and forecasted cash-flows and liabilities are taken into consideration with a goal of maximizing the clients return on investment while managing risk exposure.  We refer our clients to the best commercial lenders in the business and ensure that financing and timing requirements are met.


Overall Project Coordination

Cone Commercial Real Estate will see your transaction through from start to finish.  We will coordinate with the closing attorney, lender, and inspector.  After closing Cone Commercial Real Estate can manage construction, IT set-up, and moving.  Our business has enabled us to have first hand experience with numerous vendors in all fields, and make recommendations based on quality of service as well as price.  From start to finish, our job is not complete until you are up and running 100% in the acquired property.

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"I give Cone Commercial nothing less than the highest recommendation. It is not often that I am as impressed by working with someone as I was with working with Cone Commercial. They were thorough, responsive, tenacious, and a pleasure to work with in every way. They kept the project moving, were always one step ahead of us and I always felt like they had our best interests in mind. We are beyond thrilled with our new space. I will recommend Cone to anyone that is even thinking about office space, and look forward to seeing the firm continue to grow."
Garrie Richardson, President
Barrett & Farahany, LLP